Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the Spixworth Neighbourhood Plan website ….

The Neighbourhood Plan is an exciting project which can make a real difference to Spixworth.  


Over the last year many residents have taken the opportunity to get involved and share their views about priorities for Spixworth. Thank you to everyone who has commented!  The Steering Group has been working hard to consider all the views and ideas received and has been busy considering and drafting policies for the Neighbourhood Plan. This work forms the ‘Pre-Submission’ draft Spixworth Neighbourhood Plan.

Pre-Submission Consultation

We have now reached an important stage in writing the Spixworth Neighbourhood Plan  – this is called the Pre-Submission Consultation and we are required to consult statutory bodies, local organisations and the wider community for a period of 6 weeks.  This begins on 23rd May and closes on 5th July 2019 23rd May. For details and to download documents click here

More about the Neighbourhood Plan..

If you are interested in helping us to develop the Neighbourhood Plan, or would just like to know more about it, we would love to hear from you.
Get in touch at: [email protected]

Meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – come along to our Steering Group meetings. These are open to the public to attend and observe.  For details click here

Spixworth Neighbourhood Plan – Timeline

April 2019 –  Steering Group meets to review the draft Neighbourhood Plan, and further consider the policies in it.  Areas of open space were agreed for Policy 5: Protection of Open Green Space. The draft Housing and Design policy was discussed and agreed to restructured into 2 separate policies covering development design and setting/landscape. It was agreed to add a policy on parking requirements. The next steps were discussed – the 6-week statutory consultation, dates and communication.

January – March 2019 –  responses received from Statutory Consultees  who confirm their agreement to the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report.  Development of policy wording and analysis of supporting data including Environmental issues, traffic from Spixworth’s SAM2 speed monitor and the History of Spixworth.

December 2018 –  the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report, following approval by Spixworth Parish Council, is sent to Statutory Consultees (Environment Agency, Historic England and Natural England).

November 2018 – Steering Group considers an amended draft of policies for inclusion in the neighbourhood plan,  additional consultation feedback received including views of staff children at Spixworth Infant School and approves the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report – a technical document giving a detailed analysis of Spixworth.

October 2018 –  Steering Group reviews initial draft of the policies, considers whether there are  any additional policy areas needed and reviews the policy intent statements to ensure these give a clear understanding of what each policy is trying to achieve. Suggestions are received and the document will be updated.

Aug – Sept 2018 –  following the policy workshops work began in earnest to draft policies for the neighbourhood plan, grouped by 5 themes – covering infrastructure, housing, environment, community facilities and local economy.

June – July 2018 –  Steering Group attend two policy writing workshops and meets  to  consider ways of encouraging further community involvement including visits to local groups, contacting the local schools,  a neighbourhood plan stall at the Church Fete and further use of social media.

May 2018 –  Steering Group meets to consider consultation feedback, to review sustainability issues for Spixworth and possible emerging policies for inclusion in the neighbourhood plan.