Village Hall Playing Fields

Spixworth Football Club

The Council, as Trustee to the Village Hall and Playing field, were asked by the EDP for information regarding the football club move to a new ground. The Council provided the following statement:

‘As Trustee to Spixworth Village Hall and Playing Field, Spixworth Parish Council is pleased to see the way Spixworth football club has developed over the years with the support we have given them, including building and maintaining changing rooms and shower facilities for their use.  As a previous news article explained the Trustee does not have the power to permit the extensive development that was required for the move to the Thurlow Nunn league and it is good to know that the club has found a suitable new home.

As the Football Club were leaving our ground, the Trustee was forced to consider new ways to maintain income for the Charity for the forthcoming and ongoing seasons and are pleased to say that this is under negotiation.

The Social Club is an important part of the parish community and the Council welcome all support to maintain it.  The Council is happy to offer assistance where it is within its powers to do so. Spixworth is moving into an exciting period of development as the Council has begun the process of working on a Neighbourhood Plan and will be actively engaging with the community to consider all aspects of future needs and development.’

Following the appearance of the article in the EDP, there has been some concern expressed that the Council has declined a donation of £100,000.  The Council would like to make it clear that no such offer was received. The football club sought permission to develop the ground by building stands, installing floodlights and adding secure gating to provide an enclosed stadium.  As you will appreciate, such a development would have restricted the use of the playing fields, excluding the very people for whom the land is held in trust, Spixworth parishioners. Even were it to be considered desirable, it is not in the power of the Council to permit such a radical alteration to the status of the community land.

There has already been interest expressed by other football clubs who are also keen to link up with our youth teams and the Council is hoping to ensure that this will take place for the 2017/18 season.

Regarding the new piece of land adjacent to Hopkins homes, the plans for more sports facilities for the village are making progress. It is disappointing that it has taken so long for the developer to bring the land to the standard required for amenity land but it will not become the property of the council until this is complete.  On a positive note, the land has been seeded and we await developments.

The Council always welcomes interest and ideas from parishioners so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information.