Broadland Northway works

Works to provide additional safety equipment in each illuminated sign on each roundabout will start on Monday 10th June. This work will ensure that any illuminated sign damaged in a road traffic accident will automatically be disconnected from the electricity supply on impact thus making the area electrically safe. We also have to carry out repairs/replacements to various signs, kerbs and lighting columns on several of the roundabouts and carry out seeding and landscaping works as detailed below.

The programme of works is as follows:-

Airport (Petans) Roundabout w/c 10th June – electrical safety works, sign replacement and drainage maintenance
North Walsham Road Roundabout w/c 17th June – electrical safety works and sign replacement, seeding
Wroxham Road Roundabout w/c 24th June – electrical safety work kerb and sign replacement
Salhouse Road Roundabout w/c 15th July – electrical safety work, kerb replacement and seeding
Plumstead Road Roundabout w/c 22nd July – electrical safety work and kerb replacement
Postwick Business Park Roundabout w/c 29th July – electrical safety work and lamp column/sign replacement
Drayton Lane Roundabout w/c 5th August – electrical safety work and vehicle damage repairs to verges/landscaping
Reepham Road Roundabout w/c 12th August – electrical safety work and sign replacement
Fir Covert Road Roundabout w/c 19th August – electrical safety work only
Fakenham Road Roundabout w/c 27th August (Tues after Bank Holiday) – electrical safety work and sign replacement

In order to minimise disruption to the travelling public we are combining these works so that each roundabout is only affected once. All roads will remain open at all times with lane closures on all approaches together with the inner lane of the roundabout itself. Fakenham, Fir Covert and Reepham Road Roundabouts will have 24 hour traffic management but all others will be off peak only. It is anticipated that each roundabout will be completed within the week.

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