Road Closures!

Following the latest update from the NDR team the upcoming road closures are as follows

B1150 North Walsham Road, between Beeston Lane and Crostwick Lane

Night time closure from 8pm-6am for 1 week starting 10 July.


Buxton Road, full closure for 2 weeks from 17th July – 28 July.


As you know these dates are subject to change and therefore we will keep posting updates here. To date we do not know the bus schedules although the Parish Council have made the necessary enquiries.



Road Closures! — 3 Comments

  1. When you shut the Buxton road you really will need traffic lights on the north Waltham road, spixworth junction , it will be a nightmare

  2. Must agree with Richard Davies. If the Authorities close Rackheath Lane before Buxton Road that will give some alleviation of the continuing problem, but traffic lights will be utterly essential as Crostwick Lane will be bearing the burden of all the redirected Buxton Road Traffic. See Councillor Dan Ropers comments passim……………..

  3. Thank you for your comments.
    I can confirm that there will be 3 way traffic lights on the Crostwick Lane/ B1150 junction. This will allow dual flow of traffic on B1150, access from Crostwick Lane and Rackheath Lane. These will be monitored for efficiency and will be manned if necessary during peak times.
    Please contact the Parish Council if you require any further information.

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