Welcome to Spixworth Parish Council

Welcome. This site has been created by the Parish Council to allow us to better connect with the people living and working in our village. You can read more about what the council does here and you can leave a response on most pages to let us know your views on the subject.Spixworth village sign

Spixworth is a thriving community of around 4000 residents. It is a village that continues to evolve and see new development and services. The Parish Council work hard to provide Spixworth residents with a village they can be proud of.

The Parish Council consists of 12 members, who meet on the first Tuesday of every month at Spixworth Village Hall at 7.30pm to discuss matters concerning Spixworth. Residents are welcome to speak at the meeting in the opening 10 minutes.

Councillors are elected as the representatives of the residents of Spixworth and you can contact them directly or via Becky, the Parish Clerk.